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  • The Antras are really good for the 30 to 40 you pay for them and they are amazon guaranteed or whatever, dont buy none of that helmlets with the designs and flames and crap like that. Antra is more than gonna suit you, although SOME are not TIG rated.
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  • I have a lotos lpt5000d. It has the hf start, something you'll want for painted barrels to start without removing paint.

    I've had mine 8 years of heavy hobbyist use. It eats up consumables, but they are cheap and readily available online.

    It is no Hypertherm, but its cut everything...
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    replied to ac225-S with dual voltage?
    Not an electrician, but in America, that's same exact operation would EASILY cost you AT LEAST $150, this is coming from a commercial framer, so I may be a bit skewed against electricians, but I'm fairly certain my estimate is probably fairly accurate.

    That's 50 in parts alone, plus 30-60...
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  • After trying the on/off, the regulars sucks lol. Easier to position it without the attraction and just turn it on when you’re ready to go.

    Also, the cleaning. Turn it off and wipe clean. I hated the regulars because they would attract metal shavings, washers, bits of wire, all kinds of...
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