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  • Thanks everyone, yes Dale you are correct that Flux Core is actually called FCAW, I have read of people using shielding gas with flux core wire too, why, not sure, and this isn’t what I was talking of anyway. Thanks for your input on FCAW (FLUX CORE ARC WELDING), however still wondering what stick...
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  • Hello Nothwelder,
    Yes, I watched the videos from the lik you provided. A very interesting and enjoyable video touching on the subject of many MIG processes. Thanks for your share and input.
    Have a great day my friend!
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  • Any plans for Torch cart with wheels available?

    Hello all,
    Just wondering if anyone has plans for a Ox/Acetylene torch cart with wheels to share? I recently aquired a Hobart Handler 190 MIG machine, and I’m in need of a portable weld cart for my 125Cu bottle of Oxygen and matching smaller “I think 80 Cu bottle of Acetylene.”
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  • Repairtech4u
    started a topic Flux Core Mig Process Questions

    Flux Core Mig Process Questions

    I recently purchased a Hobart Handler 190 unit.
    I have never used flux core wire for the MIG process.
    I have however stick welded many times, question: would one generally feel that FC Mig is an easier process (fir average oerson) to achieve decent welds with compared to Stick?...
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  • ​ Hello all,
    Yeaterday I decided to purchase a 125 CuFt tank of 75/25 gas. My local distributer is Praxair. The tank was 220.00+66.89 fill. I figured I should get approx 5 hours weld time from this tank, at 25CuFt per hour. This should be more than enough for my occasional garage shop welding...
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  • Hello guys,
    I would be interested in seeing any pictures of welds on on thick materials or thin using spray transfer if you would like to share. I’ve never welded on job anything thicker than about 1/2” plate steel. I remember one of my favorite welding machines at work, if my memory serves...
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  • Hello, I do find this a very interesting subject. For there really is much much more to welding than many realize, “it’s a science.” It’s truelly a field of study that I have great respect for, and to all those that have choosen to make it a career. From the time of a young boy I’ve always...
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  • Thanks everyone for your interest in responding to my post

    I kind of figured it was “Kind of a Pipe Dream” to be able to achieve Spray Metal Transfer Mode, however I’m sure the machine will work perfectly fine for all my home shop applications.

    It makes sense that...
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  • Hobart Handler and Spray Metal Transfer?

    Recently bought a Hobart Handler. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. Question: does this welder have enough power to do Spray Metal Transfer, rather than the typical Short Circuit metal transfer MIG Welding?
    If machine is capable, what size wire, votage tap, approx wire feed rate and shielding...
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  • Repairtech4u
    started a topic Hobart Handler 190 Spray Transfer?

    Hobart Handler 190 Spray Transfer?

    Can the Hobart Hadler 190 achieve Spray Transfer?

    If this machine can achieve this welding process, what dia solid core wire, shielding gas or gas mix, voltage tap and wire feed settings are necessary. I’ve been taught that spray transfer is disirable on >1/4” mild steel plate because...
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