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  • After seeing the responses, I need to do some clarification. I didn't build a dunebuggy out of angle-iron.

    What I meant to say was, that while using a 110V flux-core:

    I've built a lot a things out of 1/8" thick frames


    I built a sand-rail....
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  • Stinky1
    commented on a Visitor Message From oldguyfrom56
    You probably have a point pun intended.

    I have thought about buying a bit sharpener as I sorta thought that it was a problem.

    I'm not gonna worry about it to much. I do this about once a year or so.
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  • Stinky1
    replied to How do I drill bed-frames?
    After drilling the hole, I went to use/re-use the same 5/16" bit...twas/is a Nitride coated Dewalt bit and was new. It is one of those bits that has a standard, 1/8", or so, drill center, and then a 90 degree shoulder, like a bit used as a verticle mill bit.

    I switched jobs...
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  • oldguyfrom56
    oldguyfrom56 posted a Visitor Message for Stinky1
    Between you and me, I think it's the way you sharpen your drill bits. Post a picture of the working end and we might discover that's the problem and some one might offer the solution.
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  • Stinky1
    started a topic How do I drill bed-frames?

    How do I drill bed-frames?

    I grab every bed-frame that I find. They are almost always 1/8" thick, w/a 3/4" to 1 1/4" Ell. It welds nicely and I've built all kinds of stuff w/it.

    I have a heck of a time drilling it. Right now I am adding LED lights to my ATV. I drilled (5) 5/16"
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  • Stinky1
    replied to Welding a control arm
    Look on youtube...I don't know where. A guy takes apart a control arm and shortens it. and then gussets the crap out of it. He works in a low-rider shop and literally builds flying machines. A 2 ton car jumping in the air...that is some stress. They do that service for people...and also show what...
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  • There is another difference and asset to the 110v...You can grab your welder walk over there, go grab a 100' cord and go to town.

    Oh, btw, a 110v is sorta sensitive to the cord that you use. If I am on the highest setting, you need all the "juice" that you can get. Long cords...
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