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  • The last step was painting it.
    31. Painting deck

    32. All painted.

    My friend Rich sharpened and balanced the blades and put it back together again. I wondered about the name "Kutter" on top of the pulley cover it must be the model of the mower. I painted over...
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  • 26. Two pieces added to center

    27. Close up of center welds

    Next I cut off and replaced the chute guide.

    28. Old chute guide

    29. Welds on inside of chute guide

    30. Welds on outside of chute guide
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  • 21. Close up of weld on cutout

    22. The piece that I cut out

    I noticed that the metal just above the left wheel weldment was cracked so I ground it out and welded it up. Most likely it got cracked due to additional stress because the right side wasn't supporting its load....
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  • 16. Close up of 2nd piece clamped to deck

    With the wheel weldment still in place I welded the 2nd piece to the inner new sheet metal and the thin old outer skin. In essence I used weld to fill the gap between the 2nd piece and the inner piece so that the wheel weldment would sit flat on...
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  • I noticed that the two surfaces that support the right wheel weldment were at an acute angle, so that the weldment bracket didn't sit flat. To solve the problem I cut off the thin old metal from the area that supports the right wheel weldment and welded in a 2nd piece of metal on the outside that was...
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  • Next I welded up the back side of the corner of the chute support.

    6. Open crack on back corner of chute

    7. Crack MIG welded

    The MIG weld followed the crack as it should, but it left a space between the weld and the previous fillet weld, which looked like I miss...
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  • Don52
    started a topic Kees 48" Commercial Mower Deck Repair.

    Kees 48" Commercial Mower Deck Repair.

    My friend Rich from work has owned a Kees commercial mower to mow his one acre lot for the past 15 years. He got the mower from the previous owner, who owned it for 10 years. The front wheels are supported by wheel weldments that attach to the mower deck. Over the years the mower deck has thinned...
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