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  • Le PEW - I got him!

    After trying several different baits and attractants in the trap, today I decided I had had enough.
    I stuck a garden hose in what looked like a squirel hole about 10 feet from the main entrance. Let it run for about a half hour.
    Finaly started to see the water back up in the main entrance.
    While I am watching the hole, I noticed the water start to rush out, and OUT IT CAME.
    Started unloading on him with the pellet gun from a safe distance.
    He did not spray. Instead, he made his way under my deck, whis is luckily about 75 feet away from the house, and decided to expire.
    After a wait to make sure he wasn't playing possum, I hooked him with a 15 foot long 3/8" rod with a bend in the end, and drug him about 500 feet to the back of the property.


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    Glad he did not spray. I trapped racoons and muskrat in my younger years, and dispatching a skunk without spray was a dicey thing at best. Get all those holes plugged up with cocrete.


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      You should have dispatched him with something with more kinetic energy. He suffered at the mercy of a pellet gun..........
      So little time...So many machine tools.........

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        Well, because of the impromptu nature of the attempt with the garden hose, the only thing I had out was the .177. I keep it in the shop for the flickers and squirles.
        I know that I should have used the Marlin 17 caliber, but it was locked up with the rest of the arsenal.


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          Originally posted by SidecarFlip View Post
          You should have dispatched him with something with more kinetic energy. He suffered at the mercy of a pellet gun..........
          Some of the air guns made these days are far from "toys". They have unbelieveable fps and penetration. My 5mm Benjamin offed many a squirrel and rabbit when I was younger. Now they make them with way more power.


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            Peppy showed up at my house a few years ago about 11 pm . . . time to let the dogs out before bedtime. Wife didn't want me to kill him, just scare him off . . . so I decided to make him dance. You know, a few pellets around his feet to get his attention. That did it . . . he ran around the front of the house and fell into one of the window wells

            I stuck a 2 x 6 in for him to use as a ramp, but he was going nowhere. Then I had a brilliant idea . . . fill the window well with water and he would drown or float out. I watched from the basement as the water rose. When it was about half way up the window he had to start swimming, and I had a horrible thought. What happens if the glass breaks? Will he spray, do I shoot him, or open the outside door and just hope he leaves?

            Fortunately the window held the water, the skunk floated up and caught the edge of the window well, climbed out and wandered away. Next time . . . gunpowder and lead!

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