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Sears gt rear blade extensions

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  • Sears gt rear blade extensions

    I notice when i angled my rear sears blade that it barely covered the rear tires , added 6" per side for a total of 54" it makes a big difference , i will finish better in the spring and i never claimed to be a good welder , commits and suggestions welcome
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    Being a farmer, my credo is if it works and looks good with a rattle can finish, it's good to go......

    However, depending on how much tractive effort your tractor makes, the extended blade areea might prove to be too much lateral force on the non-gusseted center pivot point. You don't have much meat there to resist the torsional force applied.

    I'd be adding an upper and lower horizontal (along the cutting edge and the top of the blade) gusset or things might get twisted if you encounter a stubbotn to move object like a partially buried rock.....
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