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Spring Is In The Air

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  • Spring Is In The Air

    It's coming that time. We got a little sun and the temperature was up enough where I could peel off the Carhartt jacket this afternoon.

    Of course that means all the winter projects, which I never get done in the winter, are piled up. Just wondered what all you guys got stacked there behind the building that needs tending to before getting ready for the warm season.

    I'll have to go through and get all the equipment lubed and checked over like every spring. Still a ton of work to do in the shop building to get it more serviceable. The drag I use for the horse lot still needs some broken tines welded back on. Still gotta get one of the round bale feeders welded and put out.

    Of course the horses all need their spring routine. Scrape off pounds of shedding hair, trim feet, start some groundwork to get 'em legged up, Spring vet visit for shots and dental work.

    Then I get to see how much raw energy they built up over the winter when I start saddling up. They had it good this year...pretty much life around a round bale all winter. With the ones we got now I ain't expecting nothing too bad but sometimes it can get a little western when they have to re-enter the working world. And there is a couple three year old's that never been rode yet. Hopefully they'll take some mercy on this old man.

    I'm hoping our older ones haven't forgot too much over the cold months. I'll have some catching up to do in getting them ready for show season. We'll be up against the folks with the indoor arenas that been riding and training all winter. Maybe the first show or two it'll be evident but after that we should be back on even ground.

    So we're hopin this weather stays goin in the right direction. And if you're a pretty efficient type person that is all caught up on your projects from the winter, stop on out here. Just bring gloves and work boots......
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    Ya, anyone wants to volunteer is welcome here too,,, hahaha Got a couple paint jobs to do as soon as the bud brings me a part for the fan.