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What make is this Plow?

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    Originally posted by T>D>C View Post
    When plowing a field, you travel counter clock wise to allow the right tractor tire to run in the last cut. What do you do when the two rows meet in the middle leaving a large ditch. Just fill it back in with the disc?T>D>C
    You can do that if you like, or you can leave it as a dead furrow for the next time you plow.

    Looks like you were getting pretty good furrow depth. How far down were you going?



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      I think about 10 - 12 inches.

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        I have a dearborne, love it, your going to really enjoy it, does better than a mouldboard, good find for you,.


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          Disk/Harrow it in, then next year start at the leftover low spot and use it as your dead furrow. Plow into it to fill it in which will leave you a dead furrow on each outside.


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            Good find! I have the Dearborne disc plow as well, and they do a great job, especially if you have roots or stalks on the ground. Enjoy.


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              I have always plowed everything to the middle. Every once in a while i will plow a different way, like from the narrow (shortest way). I use a john deere model "A" with a 16" double bottom john deere draw bar plow. Both the "A" and plow where made in 1952. The disk plow works real nice unless you have rocks. It will do real nice in corn fields also. The Kubota should be plenty of tractor for that plow. I have a L3010 and pull a double bottom 14" 3pt plow. I keep it about 2000 rpm's and it does a good job. Sure beats the gas eating "A" for economy. I love using the "A" with the straight pipe because it sounds so good and all the neighbors and kids love watching.
              Good luck plowing and keep an eye on the rear wheel bolts on the Kubota because plowing is severe duty to the compacts and wheel bolts are known to work loose a little bit.
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