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O.T. Gormet Termites

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  • O.T. Gormet Termites

    Any termite experts out there?

    I am doing a lot of re-work on our greenhouse; it got hit by a neighbor's tree.

    It is 'construction' redwood covered in fiberglass. Thompsons water sealed all at the start ... but it has been 20 years.

    Not too surprised to find some damage. Amazed at the termite's appearent sense of taste. Some pieces chewed to nothing while most of the structural wood is just fine. I have been visually inspecting, tapping surfaces with the claws of a claw hammer, even making some cross cuts. Most is great, some has to be trashed. I have been soaking all new ends in copper naptholate (sp?). Thompsons all around.

    Saw the same "division" when I reworked a 40-year-old redwood fence. I sanded the surface off some sound fence boards; just beautiful inside; could use it for a jewelry case or artsy stuff. The fence rail holding that board was swiss cheese.

    Is it taste, moisture content, temperature, or ?? that makes such dramatic difference.

    I wonder if we could spray ground up termites on the wood, if they would be repulsed and go away. That does work with grass hoppers in the garden.


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    I've been wondering the same thing myself. They ate up the framing of an old shed we had but not all the wood pieces. Some they wouldn't eat while others had nothing left. It all looked like the same type of wood to me.

    Since I live by the coast, we see them every year when they swarm. I'm not sure how much good tenting does if they come back every year.

    Good luck on that.
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      Termites will thrive on wet/moist conditions and in Florida I use Demon TC ! not cheap but real good and untreated wood is a delicious meal for them
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        certain types of wood (redwood, cypress, cedar)contain an oil or lipid enzyme
        that makes them indigestable or just nasty to termites and woodweevils ...I'm just full of this type of trivial info....feel free to contact me or on MYSPACE.COM (same name on both)