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    T post puller

    I have made a t-post puller to help me move posts when I need to. I still have to make a pounder but that will be later. I was tired of using a hammer and my back to get them out of the ground. I will post some pictures when I have time and a camera and can get the wife to take the pictures.


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      You guys who are dreaming of retiring on some acreage........ Keep those dreams.

      I gave up on city life in 1972, and never regretted it. I was working for a small "start up" company, Intel, and they wanted to carry a pager 24/7 because of the job I was doing. Their stock, at the time was about $12.00 a share for employees.

      I didn't care, enough is enough. I haven't lived within 20 miles of a city since. Susan and I live on 20 acres of hillside land, we raise about 80% of our non-dairy food, and have a small flock of colored wool sheep which we either bartar or use for ourselves the wool we shear.

      So, don't lose that dream.....................
      So. Oregon
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      Newby to welding!


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        i suppose i allready have the country life dream but still have to think i would rather live on some good flat land i live in a mountanouse area so im kinda stuck i have two perfectly flat acre's and the rest is kinda mountains . need more flat area to suit me the tree's are nice but more flat land would be better .


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          I Don't Know How You Guys Survive In The City

          We have 66 acres in Northern NY. Too bad it is a tax **** hole and way too cold and nasty to retire here. Gotta go someplace more human friendly as soon as the US govt an myself go our separate ways. I like the bale lift idea as opposed to the spear. Its no harder to make, has other uses and is a lot safer to leave parked. Surely some horse, cow, kid or car will end up getting stabbed eventually. That flat lift makes a nice drum carry all. The 2 point ones referred to are most likely for "quick hitches". Great if you have an International, Farmall or John Deer but useless for any other tractor.