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DIY fence post plant tool

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  • DIY fence post plant tool

    DIY fence post plant tool
    excuse me if I disturb, at a dealer I saw a tool for planting poles consisting of a piece of metal tube with two handles and one side plugged. do you think it would be more manageable and practical and effective than a hammer or a heavy sledgehammer? it would be better to make one with recycled material, do you use it? '' Click image for larger version

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    I find it for driving "T" stakes about the best thing going, you have total control of process...
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      All it is is a specialized hammer, that just keep itself on and centered on the post. Make it heavy.


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        post driver,

        219 mm (8 5/8'') x 457 mm (18'') x 937 mm (36 7/8'')

        Post Pounder for Driving Fence Posts

        thanks for the right suggestions


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          And remember that a generic one is sized for the biggest post its likely to see. If you know what post you are driving (like the aforementioned T-post), make it just big enough in diameter for that. This will help it drive more squarely against the top of your post. Make the cap as heavy and bulletproof as you can.


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            thanks for the valuable advice, I will make the tool proportionate to the section of the pole to have a more precise and stable guide when positioning the pole itself thanks to the right observation.