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DIY crane arm for crawler loader bucket.

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  • DIY crane arm for crawler loader bucket.

    DIY crane arm for crawler loader bucket.
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    hello, sorry if I disturb, I should make a crane arm to be fixed to the bucket of a tracked loader. the mechanical shovel weighs about 5 tons and the bucket dump height is about 3 meters high. how do i fix the arm, what material i make the pole. the bucket has a capacity of about half a cubic meter. taking into account that a cubic meter of gravel weighs about 1500kg, the mabbhina at 3 meters lifts about 700kg. how much can I do along the arm to prevent the machine from tipping or tipping over?

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    Might look on Youtube to get some ideas or concepts what other have done...

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      thanks again for the right advice, what kind of material do you suggest as a section, tubular or profile type H trahe rail rail type, the support to fix the arm to the bucket, where do you recommend to place it, how should I configure and reinforce it? thanks again for the valuable suggestions.