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  • Welder install

    I have a Lincoln SP 130-t mig with gas and need to know what size wire to run from electrical Box to plugin and what size breaker to use

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    Plaque on welder says it draws 20 amp at 230 volts... So probably 30 amp breaker and if distance of 50 ft or less 14 gauge wire will do (absolute minimal), if you want to play it safe you can always go one size larger like 12 gauge (suggested) ....

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      Iam using 12-2 wire with 20amp double breaker and the length is 10 feet from breaker box to my nema plug where i Connect my 12-2. Is it ok to use that?


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        John, Welcome to the discussion board. Lots of knowledgeable people frequent this site. Yes, because it is a welder (with a duty cycle), 14 gauge copper wire will work (barely). I would be much more comfortable with 12 gauge copper wire for the additional safety provided. 12-gauge wire is almost as easy to work with and almost as inexpensive. The trade-offs are worth it. Since this is a 240 volt machine and you undoubtedly are installing a receptacle in the wall for it, in my opinion, you MUST label this receptacle "Small Welder Only" or something similar. Otherwise, you should run wire that is the proper size for the size of the receptacle. We do not want an unknowing person--visitor, future owner, whoever--plugging something into this receptacle that the receptacle is not prepared to provide for. Yes, I know. The (properly-functioning) circuit breaker will protect the wire, etc, etc. The code assumes that any code-minimum welder-wiring-installation will be directly wired in an industrial shop . . . no plug and receptacle. Wiring such as you are asking about is a touchy subject on this board. Yours is an elderly machine. From the 1990s, as I recall. The original paperwork told you to connect the thing with 8 gauge wire! ~0le
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          Originally posted by Johngotti View Post
          Iam using 12-2 wire with 20amp double breaker and the length is 10 feet from breaker box to my nema plug where i Connect my 12-2. Is it ok to use that?
          Yes, perfectly. I don't bother with the labeling if the breaker is the appropriate size for the wire for other types of equipment. You are good to go.

          To clarify terms, you are using 12-2 cable, not wire. It should contain three wires, the two insulated conductors, and probably a bare grounding wire.


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            I am going to add to this. I believe they called for an 8/40 circuit when this came out, I have one. Its the same as the 180 they still make for the box stores. Not sure what glue they may have been sniffing when it was done or why, it might even have a heavy cord but,,, the new one lists 14 but,,,, that is single circuit in pipe. 12 cable is sufficient and while it might run from a 20 a 30 will keep it from tripping. You can turn it up to pull 23A or so. It is a VERY good machine, the guy that tuned it was a weldor and its really good on 030 solid. Click image for larger version

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