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Stake pockets and tiedown rails.

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  • Stake pockets and tiedown rails.

    Working on a design for my truck flatbed build, I am wondering what others are using for their stake pockets and rains for tie downs. I'd like my stake pockets to use regular 2x4's as some one advised me on smaller tubing for smaller stakes which doesn't seem the brightest idea. My bed will be a slight bit longer than the current 8' which is closer to 9' total. I was thinking 2"x4" 1/8 wall, but would this be strong enough? pockets be about 4" tall. I was looking at 2" wide 3/16" flat stock for the tie-down rails on the side, which seem to be standard, although thickness not sure on. Advice or opinions appreciated! Thank you. - Unholy.

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    Most setups I have seen for 2x4 seem to use cut lengths of channel iron and you have to trim the 2x4 to fit improvises pocket... Think I would do extensive search for pockets that fit you materials you intend to use as stakes.... Something like image below makes sense to me... There is nothing worse when you are in hurry to load and you have to mess with cutting stakes so you can keep load where you want it...


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      I just went out and was able to shove two different 2x4's (wood) into a section of 2x4x3/16ths (tubing).. They were well seasoned but still kiln dried studs don't shrink that much. Worth consideration.


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        Thanks guys! I am not sure how I missed that on etrailer. Wondering if I was looking up Steak pockets. LOL. I've noticed lately, that my searches don't always give the same results. Anyways, not bad for the price. But with needing a dozen, seems good old tube stock would work. My issue is not wanting to have to trim or custom fit stakes. 2x4 are very easy to come by, so if I ever need to hold or contain a load, I'd like to be able to pick up some 2x4's which I could cut, even my hand rather quickly and assemble a strong simple wall structure. I don't plan on using them often. But when I do... I don't have the material on hand, but I will check out a 2x4x3/16. I think I could make them much cheaper then ordering. It is worth keeping in mind. Thank you guys! - Unholy