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use trailer hub and bearing for driving 1" steel shaft

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  • use trailer hub and bearing for driving 1" steel shaft

    has someone used a hub. and fixed it so steel shaft can be turned, by an electric motor with pulley and belt?in other words hub stays still and shaft spins in bearing?its for a machine build.

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    Go to Youtube and search "welding positioner". Even if you're not intending to rotate something being welded, there are lots of videos there that could give you some ideas you could build upon.
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	snapshot lathe.jpg
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ID:	666688need better bearing then these flange style used here,need way to pre load bearings.


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        Ummm... Excuse me but is that a home made lathe, it looks like it was cast with concrete?

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          yes its a you tube project ,not mine,trying to collect parts now,want to use better sideways etc loading,then cheaper ball bearing flange used here.thought some of you thinkers could come up with way to use roller bearing and pre load as it wear .


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            I made a band sawmill mill nearly 20 years ago, and used trailer hubs (bolted the hub to the plate, and with the four bolts was able to shim it parallel, use the stub shaft to mount the wheels that ran the band blade, and the pulley from the engine, I will try to post a picture not the best but one I took many years ago,
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              cut the spindle and tube off a full float rear axle [d60/70/80, 14bolt, sterling etc] to get timken taper bearings and a hollow center tube. Bolt check to the wheel hub or an adapter that bolts to it. Drive the chuck via leather or rubber belt around the OD of the chuck face. This way you still have a hollow headstock.

              there are lots of small epoxy granite cnc machines being made these days. It has incredible self levelling and flatness properties.