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    I have a old lawn tractor with a snow blower on it. Even with the wheel weights and chains on it it is hard to control. Front end wants to go where it wants to go. Anyone ever run into this problem and found a correction for it?:

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    You have the wheel weights and chains on the rear drive wheels, so they have lots of traction and the tractor is following the blower. Try raising the blower just off the skids so it's weight is being carried on the front wheels. Don't want to guess how many tons of snow I've moved with a John Deere 110 and a snow blower, but it was a 500 foot driveway in the Tug Hill region of upstate NY (average snow fall of 200-300 inches per year)!
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      Originally posted by Blacksmith View Post
      Try raising the blower just off the skids so it's weight is being carried on the front wheels.
      My thought as well. I have a New Holland tractor with front end loader to do the housekeeping. On ice or hard snow, if the bucket is putting any pressure on the ground or snow (and therefore relieving the front wheels of weight), the machine loses all steering authority, 2 or 4 wheel drive (I do not have tire chains).

      My pickup got stuck in the last snowfall. An attempt at towing with the tractor resulted only in wheelspin. So I used the bucket to pick up the rear of the truck, adding weight to the front wheels of the tractor, and out it went like it was on dry concrete.

      Small lawn/garden tractors usually don't have room for front weights, but what Blacksmith said will probably do enough to solve the problem without resorting to that.
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        fab up something to put weight up front


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          I have two 1968 Cub Cadet model 125. One has skinny front tires and the other has wide front tires. The skinny tires steer much better in the snow with the QA-42 snow thrower.