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repairing rusted bucket on tractor ?

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  • repairing rusted bucket on tractor ?

    I have done hard surfacing before but never attempted to repair a damage bucket. Customer has a bucket that has been rusted out in some areas, and wants it repaired the cheapest way possible. The cutting edge is fine, but there are some rust holes in the bucket. Should I just preheat and weld some mild steel plate over the damage are with 7018 ? or cut out and replace entirely ? all so if necessary what should I preheat the area to ?

    Thank you for your time

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    No pre or post heat necessary. It would function better if you made the patches flush, but you can also just overlay a patch, too.


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      have worked on tractor, backhoe, excavator and loader buckets, if rust holes in sides, lay over and weld strips, we usually used 3/8 to 1/2 inch by 3or4 inches, gives plenty of welding with out a lot of dogging down, in rolled bottoms maybe cut out rows of 1 inch holes and heat across the rows, easier to bend (beat) and then weld them up for better holding. 7018 no problems, grind surface rust and start welding


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        Thank you for the replies. So should I run just 7018 and forget about 6011 root pass ?


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          I always used just 7018, worked on everything from small buckets to putting in new bottoms in Cat 992 or wears strips on D10 blade HTH


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            Not everything needs a "root pass", a lot of it can simply be welded up with single pass. Its a rare day I use one for general fab work.


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              Yea guess i am so use to doing things in college the past two years with a 6011 or 6010 root pass. The owner doesn't have a 220 outlet, and wants to do the repair on site. I might end up miging it.

              Thanks for all the help guys