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    Anyone used this before? My application is for build up on mower skid shoes. Shoes are no longer available and as such Id like to make them last as long as possible. I found the McKay product blurb which alluded to the possible need for preheat. However, theres really not enough info to give real guidance. My dealer knows nothing about this product either. Any ideas would be very helpful.

    Oh, also the product blurb gives amperages/voltages for successfully using the product but I have no clue how to relate that to the settings on my H210. Help there would be very appreciated.

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    I haven't used it yet, but thanks for bringing it to our attention. I do a lot of mobile work on ag and forestry equipment, so I will try a spool next time I get to the shop. I am still reading up on it myself, wonder what it runs for a spool?
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      Here's the DATA sheet. Maybe this is what you saw already tho.


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        Thanx for the replies...I wondered if anyone else knew about dealer certainly didnt. comes in 10# spools only and is specifically for those of us w/ small wire welders. You can get any of a number of hardfacing wires in large quantities (read big spools/drums) which are too big for the Handler series. My price here in E TN was $13/spool. Ive already seen both MSDS and 'data' sheet but as I said it really doesnt give much useful guidance as far as setting up the welder or preheating. Im going to continue poking around for the info and if I find anything new Ill post it here. Thanx again for the input.


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          The wire finally showed up and it was EXPENSIVE, $13/# in 10# spools. Ouch.... In the mean time I contacted McKay about how to use it and got an answer call them for a discussion. Must be complicated that they cant just give some sort of run down in a pre-published blurb on their website. At any rate, Im glad to have a source for consultation. Once I start welding w/ Ill add my comments in case any of you all might use it in future.


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            McKay ArmorWear

            Is it flux core or solid wire with shielding gas?


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              Originally posted by bwldng View Post
              Is it flux core or solid wire with shielding gas?
              Hobart Brothers introduces McKay® ArmorWear® open arc, or self-shielded, flux cored hard surfacing wire.
              Hobart Stickmate® LX 235 AC / 160 DC

              Lincoln Weld-Pak HD

              Campbell Hausfeld 110v Stick

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                Not what I expected...

                Gave it a go yesterday and I guess Im using it correctly. Preheated enough so the metal wasnt cold and started out w/ welder settings as I would for welding. Could never find a setting where I wasnt doing globular xfer...very rough! I did pile up the material on the surface though and it did 'stick' so I guess thats something. Im going to mess w/ it more tonight...I think Im running this way too cold. Will be back w/ more as the experiment comtinues.