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  • Post Hole Auger Stand

    Here's pictures of a auger stand that makes hookup real easy. Thought you might like to see. I built it out of used steel. 2" pipe, a mobilehome tongue for the bottom, and few pieces of 2" angle iron.
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    Post hole augers always seemed to be a difficult rig to attach to a tractor. Looks like a nice set!!


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      Put some padded stuff on the steep end and use it for football blocking practice!
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        That looks like a slick way of making it handy for on and off. You didn't happen to make your own blueprints on that did you? I've got the same model post auger and it's sitting on an old farrowing crate and I need to come up with something better, which it looks like you did.
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          Good idea I'll have to build one I always end up hanging mine to disconnect it, sucks... Good work
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            I'm using a chain and ther tree in the back yard
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              I like that! Great idea. Guess I'll add another project to the winter list.

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                Auger Stand

                I just run the auger about 24 " into the ground and then unhook it.


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                  I'm building one. Left it on the tractor while I built it under the digger. Lowered the 3 point. and pulled forward. The problem I'm having is one pin is hard to install when connecting it. It's the very front pin on the back bone tube, it's always too high. I don't unload on concrete so the ground is always uneven. My solution is to build a crank at the back of the stand to raise or lower (pivot) the digger, to line up the last pin. Bought 1" Acme screw and some nuts. Will build a screw jack about 12" tall, with turn handle. I'll start a new thread when I start on the jack.

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                    hi to all,
                    I just repaired the latest "NEW" system that was put on last Fall. The Cat was developing a hole, and the Resonator was blowing out the hanger. These resonators for these old Audis are crap. They have schlock jobs welding the hangers to the resonator, and you only get 1 year on them before burn-out
                    please help me in this regard, if any one know
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                      A PHD is about as close to a drunk octopus when it comes to implements. Too many things to keep track of and get away from you. While someday I might build a stand, I too just dig a hole and unhook it. My prob is the pto link always seems to bind. I hate that....
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                        Originally posted by Perry View Post
                        I just run the auger about 24 " into the ground and then unhook it.
                        That might work there but here, it freezes in the ground until spring.

                        I hang mine in a tree with a branch high enough I can back my cab tractor under. It's still a PITA. I'm gonna plagerize the stand idea.