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Someone was making a dream a reality

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  • Someone was making a dream a reality

    I just recalled driving past a farm/ranch house in southwest Colorado in late September of 1995. Visible from the road (I'd have to look up which route I took) was a metal shed, doors open to the south, with a huge boat in the process of being constructed out of steel; deep hull, may have been a sailboat. This is miles and miles away from water, a seriously dry dock.
    I can only imagine that this might have been completed by now.
    Has anyone else seen something like this? Maybe this one?
    I only posted this in "On the Farm/Ranch" because it was happening on one. I should have stopped and taken a photo.
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    This guy spent around 30 years building a boat:

    Here's the web site, etc.

    I did see a huge steel-hulled sailboat in some guy's yard in NJ. It was there for years and may still be. It was maybe 40 miles from the ocean.
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      Wasn't there also a story about two females building a steel boat ?


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        Yes, 2 Canadian ladies built a Bruce Roberts sailboat, using Miller welder.
        Link was posted here many times. They took much less than 28 years. Their website documented details of build better and it looked like great boat but the 28 year boat is unbelievably fine looking boat.


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          Used to be a &quot;Steel&quot; sail-boat in Kenosha harbor.

          Black with red....two masts ?? Ketch, yawl, sckooner?
          I'll check in the spring.

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