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Lawn Tractor Beer/Tool Carrier

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  • Lawn Tractor Beer/Tool Carrier

    The link above shows a picture of a quick and dirty Lawn Tractor Tool Carrier for hauling tools, (and of course the requisite beer), so I don't have to keep coming all the way back to my tool shed from out in my back-40.

    It will support 100 pounds, (or my 3 grandkids), with no problems. It is made of only rebar; and does not touch the tractor paint job at all. It only contacts the tractor on the 2 bolts on which the seat mount is bolted. The weight is supported strictly on the tractor hitch, and in no ways impedes movement of the additional trailor, so I can use both at the same time.

    It is removable without any tools, and takes only 10 seconds or so to replace or remove.

    It now has a 3/16" expanded metal bottom and sides, with plans to weld a cleat for rope and chain. Also a piece of pipe for shovels, rakes, etc.

    If anyone would like more pix, just ask.


    Ed VA
    "I'm not wrong... I've just found something else that didn't work."
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    The link doesn't work.


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      Correction of URL

      Here is the correct link. I've tried to save it twice; and tried to attach the pix; but after waiting over 40 minutes for the Hobie Server, I keep getting an error.

      Hope this helps !

      Ed VA
      "I'm not wrong... I've just found something else that doesn't work."