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Battery powered welding?

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    Originally posted by mudbug View Post
    Glad this question came up...I went looking for battery explosions--WOW--nasty little buggers when they decide to let go,sometimes for no apparent reason---Hooking 3 together then popping them with a welding load would surely exceed what turning a key to energise a starter might draw from a battery...

    I did find a super in depth site that explains how/why batteries go "BOOM" I'd say use your own judgement about the safety of welding with batteries--remember you have 2 eyes & 2 ears wouldn't you like to retain their usage til later in life? One guy was just testing a battery and now can't hear from an account on one site. The below site explains it better than I could.

    http://www.optimabattery.freeserve.c...Q/carfaq14.htm (section 14.3)

    The part I was glad to find was "How can I revive a sulfated battery?" Great info--- http://www.optimabattery.freeserve.c...Q/carfaq16.htm
    I've been looking for that information for months... Thanks for helping me find it in a round-a-bout way.
    Good site. Thanks for letting us know about it.


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      I've been four wheeling with friends and they will take three battery link them in a series then weld with them but only for very little emergency things. I won't have a part of it. We have a 2500 watt cont. power inverter and a 90 amp little Thermal Dyne. welder for such trail repairs it just isn't worth getting hurt. That's my $0.02
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        I've used batteries and jumper cables before for emergency jeep repairs. It's not great or safe, but it'll get you out of the woods in a pinch. I usually take my old 120V Century, loaded up with flux core and keep it back at "camp". I've been interested in making a junkyard "weldernator" for quite some time, but the zena will get a bit of interest from me now.

        Edit: Holy crap! After seeing the prices for these things, you can count me out on the zena. I think I'll sick with a large case Ford alt. and junkyard pulleys for a whole lot less. WOW.
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          In that thread, I posted links to 2 sites that detail a DIY DC TIG welder. Remove the TIG torch and you got a stick welder. It's based of a GM Delco 140 amp alternator.
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