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Machine leveler Ideas?

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  • Machine leveler Ideas?

    I just built a rolling base for an old government desk so I could make it moveable and taller to mount my 9" Southbend metal lathe on. I extended the 4x4 tubing out from each end to be able to mount levelers to this contraption as well as an overhead rack/light to the rear 4x4 tube.

    I'll still have room for the levelers,although the casters are 6" tall. I was thinking of using all-thread or big bolts with nuts welded to the 4x4,but the height/distance concerns me. The whole thing will probably weigh in at 800- 1000#'s maybe more with the drawers full of stuff.

    Any ideas about how to accomplish this will be appreciated. I've got boxes of 5/8" nuts,but doubt that 5/8" all-thread will be rigid enough at 6"+ with that weight. I may just have to find some bigger/longer bolts to support this toy.


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    According to page 1338 one 5/8" Leveler can carry 6000 pounds.


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      If you are concerned about the leveler deflecting because so much of it is exposed, why not make a lower "landing" where the levelers live?

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        The extended/lowered levelers may be what I have to do Dave. Thanks for that link Rocky... I found a set of those levelers with a 3/4" shaft but they are only 4" long. Them and Daves lowered mounts might be the answer.

        I've been trying to avoid the lowered mounts because the shop has a steep incline right at the doorway that may cause a problem should I need to move the contraption out of the shop. I'll just have to cross that bridge if I ever have to.

        I thought I had this issue solved before hand... I picked up two long sticks of all thread (1-1/4"-1-1/2") with nuts on the ends at the scrapyard last year---they were new & cheap and I figured they would come in handy sometime. Fast forward to yesterday---while trying to figure how long to make the levelers I discovered the nuts only go just so far then start cutting the threads on the nuts and lock up. The nuts have a different pitch than the all thread & don't work after going on 1/2 the nut depth. I could find correct nuts--or all thread I guess,but at that size it might be cheaper to find something more suitable. The deal wasn't such a deal after all. I also bought a bunch of 1" concrete anchor bolts with them,but can't figure any way to make them work either (threads just on the end).

        Yea-I know I pickup all sorts of strange stuff at the scrapyard--You ought to see the 196# sewer lid with the state seal on it--- couldn't resist it. Two weeks later big article on the front page about sewer lid thefts-- I did wonder how a sewer lid could wear out and become scrap? At 196# each..looks like a job would be easier work. The thief got less than $10 each for them.

        Thanks for the input--Dave( I know--how many Daves are there?)


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          Hey, Mudbug...any chance you could post a picture? Its kinda like the blind Men and the know exactly what you are describing, but we may envision something totally different.
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            Well I might could,but the batteries in the digital kinda "exploded" and it's not wanting to work anymore. See what happens when you don't use it---you loose it. Unlike a bunch of members here..I'm not the greatest with the computer picture posting thingy in the first place & with short circuited equipment I'm totally worthless. I had a choice welder stuff/camera---guess who won.

            As for a verbal discription... Steel office desk..(legs removed).. 4" angle iron tray built with the desk setting in it...with 4x4" square tubing extended 6" out both sides specifically for the levelers. The 6" tall casters are mounted under the desk (out of the way)on the 4x4 tubing.

            Nothing real complicated,but I understand your frustration---a picture is worth a 1000 words.

            Everyone thinks I'm nuts raising it so high---I'm 6' tall & now the center line of the lathe is now slightly above my elbows. I figured not as much stoop over & I can see the work closer this way. It's actually only 3-4" taller than the original desk,but way more comfortable & now it can be moved easily.


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              I see HF is drooling!


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                Can you not place the levelers on top of the desk, under the machine?


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                  Rocky and I am coming from the same place. I am concerned about the center of gravity of this assembly. I was already envisioning a desk top cradle that the lathe sits on, made from 1/4" angle, resting on more of the same, and is adjustable at the four corners with 1/2" leveling bolts, as well as "support" bolts along each long rail (to keep the machine rock solid). Pretty straight forward project, and could look "factory" to compliment the lathe...and when you mention that sloped entry, I want to also suggest a tether chain to keep it from escaping!
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                    I hear you guys... Promise it isn't top heavy at this point and it's stable. I will have to level the lathe after the base is leveled too. I just want the adjusters to put it in place and get it solid so it doesn't shift around before I level the lathe itself on the desk top. It's a lot of work over just setting it on a bench. The shop is a wreck and I keep moving stuff here & there as my ideas/needs change--- just figured it was easier to make it fit anywhere if it gets moved.

                    I just got back from the scrapyard picking up a very good condition IR air tank as well as some other misc. items. While stumbling around low & behold a big pile of oil field flange all thread bolts with nuts that "fit" on each end of a foot long 1-1/4" bolt----problem solved ---everything for 15 cents a pound (before the Chinese get a chance to make it into something else I don't need.

                    I'll try to get pictures of it to post when it gets closer to finished. Thanks for the thoughts