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  • minor fab saves money

    i needed to shorten the top link on my tractor for the box scraper, to use as a scarifier in the garden. well, i couldn't shorten it enough. i could have purchased another top link, a shorter one, but i made one from stuff kicking around the garage instead.
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    milwaukee 12 amp 4.5" angle grinder
    Rigid chop saw
    Rigid 3" drill press
    4 X 6 horizontal band saw
    porter cable 1410 dry cut saw
    milwaukee 8" metal cutting circular saw
    Van Sant 1 HP multi-tool/grinder
    O/A setup
    TA 185
    MM 212
    Cutmaster 52

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    Yeah, Tigster, every time I make a little 'something' that eliminates the need to buy something I think back to all those years I wished I could weld, and tried to get by with bolting stuff together.!
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      Yeah that's the way to do it ,I like when you can come up with something on your own.Makes ya wanna hug your welder.
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