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  • Hog traps

    What do you guys recomend for building a good hog trap for a decent price.?

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    A decent price? Dig a pit, insert punji spikes, cover with leaves....

    Gonna need a little bit more info.

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    (ok, not really a 'Red'... )
    'Blue' Miller 35 (older than me and runs great), Thunderbolt AC arc (ditto)
    'Craftsman' AC arc (who made this originally?)
    O/A x 2 (both smaller than I'd like)
    14" Milwaukee chopper
    20t HF press (crap, but works)
    Buffalo forge w/ blower
    Alot of pumps!

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      Originally posted by Some Creep View Post
      A decent price? Dig a pit, insert punji spikes, cover with leaves....

      Gonna need a little bit more info.
      I like that,try 6x6 concrete mesh, dont know where your at but it is pretty common use around here for traps.


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        I was in a hurry and just figured people would know what I was talking about...Ill just take my time. I mean like a metal trap with a door, that I can move with a truck or 4wheeler. And of course hogs wont tear it up. all for a low pice( I dont know 200 bucks) probally will be more more like 300 unless I really find some good scraps.


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          You goin after a pig like this'un?


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            GOOGLE HOG TRAPS!!!!!!! You'll get dozens of ideas maybe thousands.


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              7mag_jake, here is a place i have bought protein feeders from.I think this will help you i am not sure how there trip mechanism works, if you need more info you might give them a call,there pretty nice fellas.



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                I built one recently, well actually two, but one was a modification used for hauling show sheep. You just build a cage that will fit in your pickup bed, with a "door" hinged at the top, then figure out a way for it to trigger and fall closed. I used 1" square tubing and 4" hog panels (smaller so the piglets don't get out). The door needs to be taller than the cage itself so that when it falls shut, it will be at an angle to the inside of the cage and they won't be able to lift it back up.
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