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  • soil screen ideas

    Wondering if anyone has built something to screen rocks out of soil. I am thinking on a Harvy-Homeowner size: shovel in mixed up rock/soil, get soil out in one wheel barrow and the rocks in another.
    I have tried using heavy welded wire on a frame set on one wheel barrow, but it always seems awkward and not work too well.
    Any ideas welcome.


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    1. how much material are you looking to screen ?
    2. what is size so you need to screen to ?
    3. are you doing this all manually ? shovel and wheelbarrow ?

    This past summer I made a 10' X 12' soil screener out of 2 X 10's and chain link fence. Positioning it at approx 45% angle. We used a backhoe to drop the soil towards the top of the screen, rocks would roll down the screen, soil would drop through. We screened approx 500 yards of soil doing this.

    I would think you could built something similar, but on a much smaller scale.

    You need to have the screen at a pretty good angle, otherwise it will clog.
    If you can built your screen fairly tall, drop your shovel full on the screen at the top, this will give the soil time to fall through while the rocks roll down the screen.

    good luck,



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      i built something similiar to what Howie built.....
      i built one 10' X 10' with a 50 degree angle so that the rocks would roll down to a catch where we could just toss the rocks into a wheel barrow or off to the side every so often.... for the screen we built two different ones that could be bolted on and off the frame for different size rocks not to pass through the screen.... one screen was just a simple piece of 2"X2" cattle screen paneling the other was a 1/2" X 1/2" screen of goat wire....