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wood splitter?

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  • wood splitter?

    hey guys, any one build a wood splitter, and would like to share some info and
    pic,s of theres. i am thinking of building one, Tired of breaking maul handles
    Thanks Stonestacker
    Lincoln 140 mig
    Harris o/a
    Dewalt 14 inch chop saw
    Craftsman horizontal band saw
    Craftsman AC/DC stick

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    Do a search in the old Projects thread - there are some in there. And try over at Tractorbynet. There are several there too.


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      Three sites that have a lot of discussion on log splitters are,

      The best place to start would be to Google log splitters and see the many different brands and types. When looking at the factory specs you will find that they all use a 2-stage pump usually a Barnes-Haldex. Tonnage is always overstated. Most splitters are very basic and similar in design ,where they differ is in operator comfort, work height and unobstructed work area.

      One thing you will find with all of us that have built our own splitters is that if you are hoping to save money building your own it's not going to happen unless you have mostly free components.

      Find a design you like .
      Put together a material list and price ALL the items you will have to buy.
      Assemble and take pride in what you built.