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McCormic Farm-all Cub Stunning condition

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    I pretty much learned to drive (anything bigger than a mower, that is) on an ol' Farmall H. Dad still has it, and I'd kinda like to restore it. Yep, too high and with the narrow front end, really too high, for much. It scares me to see the loaders on the old tractors with narrow front ends. Dad also used to have a 9N. That tractor had a loader. A couple of years ago, Dad got Grampa's (Mom's Dad) Ferguson. There are a lot of similarities between the old Fergusons and Fords.

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      The old Farmalls are much more stable than most give them credit for. My grandfather bought the M that I now own new in '48. It was the only tractor on his farm for almost 15 years. The farm was a basically one big hill, and in all the time he owned it there was never an accident. And yes, it did have a loader.

      The width of H's and M's rear wheels is adjustable. You can set them up to be more than 100" wide.



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        There's something just so embracable.....

        About the Cub & the little grey & red Fords.
        Just luv Em'
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          I thought they Sold it !!!

          They must have just tucked it back into storage.

          I have no real use for it, but want it like a new Toy.
          It is just so pretty.

          Negative people have a problem for every solution


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            My dad has a 1954 super H with the narrow front end , and a 49-50 cub with the wide front end with a sickle bar .
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              If anyone in the TN area is looking for a few of these old red tractors, contact me. i've got a cub, a, super a,and a m that'll all be coming up forsale sooner or later.



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                you can always get a smaller one
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