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Cutting welds

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  • Cutting welds

    Pretty new here so knowledge (and most importantly tool chest) is limited.

    I have a 4x4 that had a snow plow attached at one point. No shock that living in SoCal, I have no plans to put the plow back on. So want to cut off the brackets. The brackets were welded to the leaf mounting point. The leaf brackets are riveted to the frame and plow mounts have multiple beads attaching leaf and plow brackets.

    Climbed under today with an angle grinder and cutting wheel. Burned through one wheel, barely scratched one bead and I cant to get at the inside higher welds.

    can’t take off brackets to need to save leave mounts which are at the base. Any ideas?

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    Well for starters, the quality of your zip discs make a difference. Makita suck. Walter are the bomb. Notice the price, but you get what you pay for. You could try a reciprocating saw and metal cutting blade? While this would be a good time to bring out the CAC-A, a cutting torch skillfully used could also be a friend. After that...cut what you can and leave the rest. No harm no foul. Better that then making a bigger mess to deal with.


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      A picture is worth a thousand words. And what tools DO you have available?


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        Also when removing welds use a 1/4 hard wheel and remove as much as you can first before going to a cutting disk.