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    I did the welding on this Bronco in exchange for right seat time..... it belongs to a friend...
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    Hobby Welder for about 32 years
    Hobart 190 MIG with SpoolGun
    Hobart AirForce 700i Plasma Cutter
    Hornell Speedglas 9000X Helmet
    295A AC Buzzbox (what I learned on)
    Miller Bobcat 225, factory propane option, also serves as my emergency power generator

    Dandeman Dan's Toy Page


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      Todays bit of fun....
      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMAG0027.jpg
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      Hobart Ironman 230 with spool gun.
      Hypertherm plasma cutter.
      any other toys I can get away with buying!


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        Here is what I started with... Stock 1985 Toyota X-Cab SR5..

        Here it is in it's current state... No where near finished...


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          my 94 zj

          getting ready to throw an 8.8 under it with an artec industries axle truss/ bracket kit

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            Originally posted by jeepgczj View Post
            my 94 zj

            getting ready to throw an 8.8 under it with an artec industries axle truss/ bracket kit

            hmmmm I recognize that ZJ. What's up Jacob?

            Heres my offroad ZJ folks

            And here is my offroad ZJ next to my DD 5.9 ZJ

            Hobart Handler 210 MVP
            75/25 Argon/CO2
            90% of the time using .035 solid wire


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              Hard to believe those wer made by the crack heads that work at Jeep.......
              So little time...So many machine tools.........

              Miller, Hobart & Lincoln TIG/MIG/-
              Hypertherm Plasma (Thanks Jim)
              Plasma-Cam DHC (coming shortly)
              Harris OA
              Too many motorcycles.............-


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                Didn't build it, but I will be redoing a lot of things on it soon.


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                  My 67 CJ5 (work in progress)

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	CJ5 Primered.jpg
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                  HOBART 210 MPV
                  Northern Industrial 125


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                    Sweet Baby Jesus w/Tom Cruise voodoo magic, can't believe it's been almost 7 yrs since I posted in this thread. Got a bit side-tracked on my planned projects and life in general, but I did find time to toss this together...

                    Miller Dimension 652 w/D-64 feeder
                    Miller 135, 252, Bobcat 225
                    Miller Syncrowave 250
                    Central Machinery 7x12
                    Thermal Dynamics TrueCut 82
                    ParkerMP 40amp DV
                    Homebuilt CNC router


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                      Good to see a post from You........

                      But it aint gonna come in second or third,
                      to your thread where you guys closed up the Crack named Colossus !
                      Negative people have a problem for every solution


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                        Nice rigs!


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                          Just some eye candy for jesus_man.


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                            Originally posted by IRQVET View Post
                            My 67 CJ5 (work in progress)

                            Hey, that's one nice project! Reminds me of another CJ5 project of my buddy's uncle. I was helping him on installing the new set of wheels and skyjacker lift kits on his Wrangler project when his uncle arrive with a CJ5 loaded on the trailer. Not in good shape but that's one interesting project, he's not sure which engine to get.