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  • outdoor gym equipment diy homemade tips

    hi, it happened to me some time ago that I saw in a park in a garden, during a trip abroad among the benches and children's games of the gymnastic equipment, among all there was a device similar to a sturdy bench which acting on levers and dumbbells hinged together acted as a gym machine, since I didn't find any photos on the net and I don't know how to draw it, you would have some photos or drawings, I don't know what it's called in technical jargon, thank you.

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Name:	xgiViu9uc2dsl-DX0XgKZe2R6Irz1xDbUfpI6754s94weS-EXkzmofO0vpK_7zhxgBh_31usRRIUttxJCKu9onOa038hx6R78B1UeMc=s1200.jpg
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    Very interesting and cool. Thanks.

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      do you have photo suggestions or compatible projects that you can make at home '?

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Name:	xF2NPlvsnNk8nkg8XAkiHQlZCLupGkH54m3wNcLAv17ld0WANoxFeZvh5fiz-Oz5U54ChBaWsv1LOPERKwZVkhZ4D9jjUPtswRAT_g=s1200.png
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        About 4 months ago, got diagnosed with extensive DVT (ankle to groin) and an extensive PE. Am on the mend and slowly restarted training. I can cycle and swim with no problems. Am also able to jog on the treadmill.

        However, outdoor running causes ankle/calf / Achilles discomfort, which feels like a pulled muscle (but don't think it is). My question is for those of you that have had a DVT, did you find that outdoor running has you challenges when returning to training? What about these treadmills? Am dreaming of the day that I can return to outdoor running - injury-free and pain/discomfort free.


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          I hope you can be well soon time and the right treatments heal all ailments good luck let me know greetings