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Free hobby scrap?

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  • Free hobby scrap?

    please excuse cross posting. Forgot this forum. And w due respect for actual artists here.


    Hi All,
    Used to have a several welders but needed to get rid of them. Now in retirement I am looking at just being a yard art hobby welder. Picked up a Chinese inverter 115/240 stick for cheap. That with gloves, an inexpensive AD hood, cut-off wheel, and a brush/hammer and I am good to go.

    I don't want to pay for odds n ends scrap. My local landfill used to let people pick over the scrap metal, but decided it was unsafe (and they are right, so I don't have a beef with them) and stopped that.

    Besides of driving the streets for what's left at the curb and dumpster diving, where are productive places for finding mild steel junk. My local junk dealer/scrap yard wants to sell by the pound and that's expensive. Ideas? Thanks in advance.


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    Didn't the risk of liability ruin the fun. Followed by the price per ton. My suggestion is advertise to do scrap metal pickup and they will find you.