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Dump trailer conversion

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    I've always set the axles so it's about a 60/40 split of the bed length. This allows a bit of tongue weight when empty, yet not overloaded easily. Of course anytime something heavy, (pallet of concrete block, or cement sacks as example) is loaded, one would try to center upon the axle to spread the weight throughout the trailer deck.

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  • trlman
    started a topic Dump trailer conversion

    Dump trailer conversion

    I have a 5 x 10 single axle utility trailer that I am converting to a dump trailer. The current bed of the trailer is made from 4 x 2 x.125 rect tubing with 14 ga 18" high side & front panels. The tailgate is removable and I also have a 4.5ft ramp style gate that I swap on when needed. The floor is 2x treated lumber and the GTWR is 5K-6K. The trailer with short gate weighs 918 lb. I am building a new running gear/undercarriage and will use the bed as the dump bed after removal of the tongue and suspension.
    I will be using a "scissors" type single acting hoist and 12VDC hydraulic power supply and deep cycle battery. I intend to mount the Hyd. power supply and battery on the A-frame of the tongue.
    My question is this: As it is currently constructed the centerline of the axle is 6'0" back from the front of the bed. Giving a roughly 60/40 front to back balance of the frame. This provides ample tongue weight and the trailer tows perfectly. The new undercarriage will have a total length of 9'0" resulting in a 12" rear overhang of the bed in relation to the undercarriage. The front pivot of the hoist will be 79" foward of the hinge rear point of the bed. The hinge point is at the rear most edge of the 9' undercarriage. This is the specification for the hoist I have to give me a 45° lift angle and a lifting capacity of 5 ton +/-. I know that the trailer won't be capable of carrying much more than 2.5 - 3 ton. That is not an issue so it doesn't require discussion. My primary question is do I set the axle centerline at the same 6'0" from the front of the 9'0" undercarriage as I did with the original 10'0" frame? Or should I cheat this a little more towards the front to offset the weight of the hoist, power supply and battery? The trailer picture in my profile is the trailer I am converting. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated, thank you.