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Short, Stubby Locomotive Patio Heater/BBQ Grill

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  • Short, Stubby Locomotive Patio Heater/BBQ Grill

    So, I had the fire box left over after building the Dinosaur BBQ Grill, and looked at it for a while...a Pig would be too "ordinary", and I thought of a few pieces I could conjure up from this artifact...the two that I settled on were an Armadillo grill and another Train Grill..
    I had a clutch Pressure Plate under foot that I been wanting to use for something, so a vision of another Train Grill formed, and I welded it on the front and came up with this short, stubby little guy. It has a "Chariot" Engineer's position, but I wanted to keep it as small as possible so it would take up less room as a "Charcoal Patio Heater"...Scaffold Wheels, old natural gas space heater "Chariot Rails".. (forgot to remove lift strap before taking pictures)

    Update: 'looks like it may be heading out as a wood-burning small shop heater (will have chimney added)

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    The ability to see and visualize a project where others see scrap is uncommon. Love to see your projects.
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      I love it! Great job!


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        Nice work, you always seem to come up with the most clever ideas.
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          Very cool idea!