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  • Bulldozer

    Here is a little bulldozer I did for my son's birthday. I wanted something he could play with and had some moving parts, but was still simple. It is painted Cat yellow, might be 7 or 8 inches long.


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    Cool little dozer, m. Reminds me of the piper cub I built out of stainless for my 3 year old was really cool...I spent hours and hours making it....he crawled under the house and lost it under there...I only realized that after we moved, from that house.


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      Doh! that is rough. Maybe worth a mission to go back to the house, offer the new owners a case of beer or a gift card or something.

      It's fun to make toys for the little ones.


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        I agree that little dozer is pretty cool. But exercise caution, in the eyes of a kid.......that looks like a toy wanting to be driven on a fancy hard wood floor of really nice coffee table.

        Vroom Vroom..... look dad I'm diggin up pretend dirt.

        Goodness that would be terrible.

        Rocky, thats a sad deal. Something like that is worth more in pride then a hat full of money.
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          We had that discussion already. Rugs only. Oh yeah, I asked him not to drop it on his foot either.


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            Originally posted by mnt View Post
            Doh! that is rough. Maybe worth a mission to go back to the house, offer the new owners a case of beer or a gift card or something.

            It's fun to make toys for the little ones.
            It's a little late for 40 years ago. I figgered I could always make another one...yeah, right. Never happened.


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              thats cool, especially bluing on the stack.


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                That is nice. reminds me of when I was a kid and there were real metal Tonka Trucks and earth moving machinery, made in the USA. not the cheapo blow moulded plastic imported from China stuff kids have today.

                Funny how thet old real metal stuff appreciates in value. My wife just sold her (as a kid) Lincoln Log set on Ebay for 250 bucks.
                So little time...So many machine tools.........

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                  Thanks, I figured a little blueing on the stack would give it a more "real" feel.
                  Sidecarflip, I am with you on the old Tonka toys and other stuff. My parents still have a bunch of the old toys that I had as a kid. Good stuff, and has held up well for a long time.

                  I am liking making the toys for my kids, and I know they will last. Paint may wear off, but that can be replaced, and they'll have it forever.

                  If anyone can make a toy for a kid, do it. It is worth the expression on their faces, and you feel good making something that will last.


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                    Nice little dozer!

                    I remember when my brother and I tried to hammer a hole through the concrete floor in the basement of our folks old house when we were kids.

                    That didn't go over to well!

                    Ironic though that we both ended up in similar fields. My brother is a heavy duty mechanic and I went into welding!
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