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  • Just like in the movies!

    So, I have my "Scarecrow" all snugly lashed down in my Radio Flyer Trailer, and, stop to gas up at a self- serve (aren't they all, now?)... This tall, very attractive young lady with a black page boy haircut wanders over and is looking at my "art". She is dressed in a black leather mini skirt, with boots that must have had 6" heels on them..topped that with a black leather shorty vest...(Not TOO unusual...I am right outside Austin at that time).

    "Hmmm, she says, why does he get to have all the fun?!"... Then she leans over (giving me a "nice shot" and snaps the bungee cord . My 70 year old brain (what is left of it) is really starting to rev up about now...then I notice "Gomez" (I think of him as that because he so closely resembled that character on the Adams family) leaning up against the side of their van with California tags...maybe Gomez in his 20's...when he was a hard core biker...then I get REALLY feeling like a bird about to be pounced on by a cat..

    So, I'm polite, friendly, and get the **** out of there!

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    Did you have a riding crop with you?
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      Maybe you should stop at the S&M shop and get him properly attired.

      I migt open up a whole new market for you.
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        What a Hoot!
        Only Hotfoot!

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          Of course, I DID post that on April 1st...
          "Good Enough Never Is"