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The Iron Maiden as a child

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  • The Iron Maiden as a child

    Not yet welded together, The head is 1" thick cast iron part. Body rear part of wood stove, feet are old flatirons...Is this a heat to 450 degrees, then Nickle Rod job?

    I'm considering taking the chicken way out, and simply making a rebar armature that the pieces attach to from the rear.

    "Good Enough Never Is"

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    Looks like she's having a bad hair day.


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      I built a similar creature using some old cast iron stove
      parts. You definitely have to "do it right" or you will
      get cracking and so on. I did it with Ni rod but no
      pre-heat (nothing to do it with) The thicker sections
      could more or less take it (at least they didn't crack enough
      to cause the thing to fall apart). The thinner stuff was pretty
      bad -- I ended up just welding the thinner stuff in "dots"
      slowly filling in so too much heat didn't build up at any
      one area.

      Also, since I don't have a lot of practice welding CI
      and the guy is kinda top-heavy, mine had a tendency
      to flop over and break at the welds. I ended up making
      some support pieces on the back. I may have to go back
      at it and make a proper armature

      The job I did is adequate for my own work -- I wouldn't
      want to sell it with my name on it.

      I've attached a picture of mine



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        Why couldn't you just braze the thinner pieces together. I have brazed 1/2" thick gas stove grating before with success no cracks and it lasted until the stove got scraped out.


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          she looks quite dutch!