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  • Too NIce for This!

    These foward controls just don't match the 'flavor' of the rest of this Rat Chopper, but I had them in my Harley Stuff bin...maybe I'll paint them Camo Brown..which is a nice Rust match, incidentally!

    I 've even thought of just fabbing up a steel set to rust, but this is quick and easy. (These are off a paid off...I get these parts free)

    "Good Enough Never Is"

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    That's a great start this will be going in a bar? I'll bet some drunk will try to ride it.


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      Repaint 'em brown ... they look too "new" to be on a rat bike. I'd replace the pegs and brake pedal with something else, though ....... something more "ratty," like a wrought iron trivit for the pedal, maybe some bicycle stunt pegs for the others. (Then again, even though you got 'em for free, I'd go and fab up a set, anyway - leaves more room for artistic creativity. Plus, ya might wanna hang onto those parts for your motorized Radio Flyer ... )


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        Got two of those kegs?

        Sounds like you're too far along - never mind.
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