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Check out these "Zee" Bars!!

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  • Check out these "Zee" Bars!!

    I told Landmark 76 I'd post some pictures of these handlebars.

    These bars were on the Springer Front End retrieved from Mexico. The bike was a 1930's or 40's Police frame...and I'd love to know its story, and how it ended up down there. It was made up not from Haley bars (which are all 1"), but, rather from what appear to be old bicycle handlebars (7/8").

    There appear to be tack welds as well some brazing (perhaps where one of the "welds" snapped?? Talk about a Death Machine!!

    "Good Enough Never Is"

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    WOW, is about all I can come up with!


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      Ah, they don't look that bad.

      Yeah HF, those are pretty crude.

      Thanks for the pics!


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        Hard to believe the Mexican dept of motor vehicles let that pass their annual vehicle safety inspection
        My only real question is does that really surprise anyone who's been to mexico?


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          I would love to visit Cuba on an "Old Iron" tour of the cars and motorcycles they keep running with incredible ingenuity...Dodge water pump on a Ford, Chevy brake drums on a Lincoln, etc. I saw a PBS special on them about a year or two ago, and some of those craftsmen are amazing. One guy , as I recall was making perfectly matching stainless molding for side trim on a 57 Chevy. Necessity is a Mother, eh?
          "Good Enough Never Is"


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            Just so you guys know, I am often passed by little caravans going to mexico down the I-10 freeway in Tucson. Most of them consist of trucks towing other trucks, both piled WAY over the cab with gawd knows what. Apparently, they come from across the border, do all their major shopping here, then take everything back home and resell it. Walmart gets awfully busy .....

            Two of the best (worst?) examples of these caravans were as follows:

            1) 16' Ryder truck with a Toyota truck stuffed inside the box, towing another pickup truck behind, loaded with merchandise. Did I mention the door wasn't pulled down on the box because the Toyota's rear wheels were right on the edge of the loading platform?

            2) Stake-bed Ford farm truck with a pickup truck on the bed AND another car. The pickup's rear wheels were resting on the hood of the car behind, looking like a mini "drive-under" accident. This vehicle was also towing another pickup loaded to the gills with merchandise.

            However, I do agree with the ingenuity of these guys. Anyone ever see an old school bus turned into a really loooong flatbed farm truck for hauling hay bales? (I got passed by that last week .....)


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              I've seen school buses with the roof down to the windows removed in the middle with only the front and very rear untouched, stuffed full of watermelons.