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Video of my Rotating Rings!

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  • Video of my Rotating Rings!

    Not the best example of the rings, but I finally managed to load a video from my Cell Phone onto this forum! (Click on the picture)
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    Thanks Hotfoot,

    I think I may have to try my hand at one of these. Pretty nifty art. Great just Great!!!! Now I have to make time to hit the local thrift store to find a wheel for the lower portion. I think I have some large rings laying around somewhere.

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      They look a lot "more convincing" if the bottom is a flat disc (I'm thinking flat black plywood, with a stationary band around the edge), and the two rings are smooth and shiny (need to disguise the welds). I'm about to do a larger and a smaller one. This was my "gotta try that" experiment.
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        Hey hotfoot. Looks pretty cool. Kind of like the old tire "sculptures" in front of tire shops.

        What about using conduit? You could roll it into a circle and weld it together, even shine it up with a flap disk. Smooth circle. Of course, that doesn't help if you are trying to use up the bike rims. Oh, maybe roll the conduit around the bike rim, so it is nestled inside, like a metal tire. It would be smaller than an actual tire, but might still work.



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          The illusion works better if the base appears stationary and only the two rings seem to move, as you note.
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            Very cool Hotfoot! I'm diggin that. Thanks for the video


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              Haa Hotfot, put a 'manikan' in the middle, dress her up like a Hula girl ... just think of all the folks that will stop to look...
              Nice job..
              Jim Young


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                Originally posted by JimYo View Post
                Haa Hotfot, put a 'manikan' in the middle, dress her up like a Hula girl ... just think of all the folks that will stop to look...
                Nice job..
                Jim, you have no idea how close to my next version you actually are...not aHula'll see...
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                  He's gonna do a mudflap girl sitting down inside the rings, guys ....

                  Actually, a ballerina or ice-skater wouldn't be a bad idea, either.


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                    You guys are shooting all around it..but you can't quite get there, because you have never seen anything quite like this beauty! You'll just have to be a bit patient...I'm looking for the right rings...the rest is all in place.
                    "Good Enough Never Is"


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                      Yeah I agree with Jim ya need to Hula girl
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                        Well, I didn't come up with the right sized rings yet, so..just because I know "Enquiring Minds Want to Know"'s the idea. Meet "Zwa Zwa". I "saw her form in a china Berry Tree root ball that was being bulldozed, trailed it home, and , basically cut away everything that didn't look like a "Human Dancer" form. Its as I found it, except the upper arm , which I cut and rotated about 90 degrees, and the same for the folded leg. I painted in in white pearl with some blue pearl accent over-brushed. I did this piece about five years ago, one of my last wood pieces before I got all tangled up in MIG wire!!: Its been at an old girl friends place, and she pretty much has divested herself of all the "stuff" I left behind.

                        Here's what I'm planning to do, using a phongraph turntable as the rotating source...

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