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    I am making a bottle tree for my mother-in-law out of cold role. It has been sitting in the rain a few days and has a beatiful rust finish which I would like to preserve. I have been searching for hours trying to find something that will work but have turned up empty. Is there anything I can use to preserve the look without turning it dark? Some kind of clear coat?
    Thanks, Allen

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    Leave it alone??
    "Good Enough Never Is"


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      There are almost as many formula's and clear coating materials.
      From waxing it with assorted waxes, Johnson paste wax, Butchers wax (trade name) etc. To bees wax, and other blends of waxes. To coating with hot liquid mixes of waxes. Food grade oils, canola, olive, corn and peanut to name a few are wiped or brushed on.

      The clears are even worse as some of the branded spray cans have adjusted their formulations to keep up with the government guides lines. Causing problems with more cloudiness other than by moisture or high humidity.

      I wouldn't try to experiment with the piece this close to Christmas. Its a good idea to do some sample tags or small pieces of metal and the patina and then you coat them with the clear or waxes and see what you like best.

      As Hotfoot says leave it alone, you can always says you will clear coat it after the holidays. If there is a problem with the rust coming off on the counter or table etc.
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