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    Well, I finally finished my brother in laws crankshaft end table. Good thing, since it is for his birthday this weekend. What I like about it is that the Crank came from an old engine gave me, and he had the steering wheel out in his shed. Been there for years. Made the center cap out of scrap and an old Cobra "ornament" Base is a rotor from a Jeep grand wagoneer. Filled the hole with a piece of 1/4 inch cut to fit. Heated the rotor to dull red and welded the piece in top and bottom. Then lots of grinding to get it flat.

    I don't remember now where I first saw this idea. So to whoever it was (I think it was a do it yourself websight) Thanks for the idea.

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    Looks good. Be sure to spray it with some clear.
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      3 coats

      Thanks, it has 3 coats of Permalac. Should be good for awhile indoors.


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        Nice work. if the base is a little unstable, you might consider adding a steel plate circle (disk) on the base to expand it out a bit. But I really like the table and I suspect your Brother is proud of your effort.
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          Nice. That what I call POWER STEERING!
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            Thanks guys. My bro in law is 120% gearhead, I am not sure where in his house he will put it, but I am sure he'll find somewhere.

            The Crank is really well balanced, and the rotor is heavy. I have bumped it a couple times on accident and it is pretty stable. I figure it will be an end table maybe have a lamp or something on it. (it would be cool to have another smaller crank with a light on top to sit on top of the table) The piece of Plexi on top is 20 inches in diameter. I run across glass periodically, so when I find one the right size I will replace the plexi with real glass.

            Fun project. Although cleaning up the crank wasn't the most exciting thing in the world. If I make another, I might try Hotfoots oil treatment, I think the colors on the crank would look cool.


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              Nice Job! Heavy duty end table....
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                I would have used a flexplate for a automatic tranny on the base if I was going it. Just bolt it on!


                P.S. Looks good btw!
                Dont force it, use a BIGGER hammer.

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                  A lamp made out of a piston for his next birthday...............!

                  Very nice work.....
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                    I like the flex plate idea, but I did not have one readily available. The bolt on simplicity would have been nice

                    I like the piston lamp idea. It's funny, I have a few pistons and connecting rods and have been contemplating making a couple of "piston cups" from the movie Cars for my kids. The lamp idea has some merit. I may have to try that one. Thanks for the idea.

                    It was definitely a fun project.