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Final Air Compressor Bike

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  • Final Air Compressor Bike

    Here 'tis, the finished bike cobbled up from the scrap heap. Engine is air compressor, rear wheel farm equipment, front wheel bike, rotted bicycle seat, head light funnel, frame garden hand tiller, meat grinder intake, chunk of Harley exhaust, etc.

    Intention was to make it look like its been sitting out in a muddy field for a long time.

    "Good Enough Never Is"

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    Another winner!
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      Love it, great work, keep it up, I really enjoy seeing your artwork!!

      I'll bet you will get dozens of inquiries as to what kind of motorcycle this is or was.

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        Yeah, someone always asks "Does it run??" about these 'vehicles'. My stock answer is "Not right now"...When asked "How fast will it go " (amazing how many dummies make it through life), my stock answer is "It depends how fast my car is towing the trailer".

        If it doesn't sell by Christmas, I'll haul it back from the gallery and put a sidecar on it...that will make a really nice planter...after all, this is Garden Art!
        "Good Enough Never Is"


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          Another great project, keep up the good work.
          Old Airco 180 amp A.C.