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    You've ruined things for me Hotfoot. Stopped by a Lowe's this morning and they had a large assortment of stainless grills out front. Only I didn't see grills, I saw cool cars. I started laughing out loud..ignoring the stares.

    Warning: I have been wrong before!

    Art welder gonnabee. Small patio workshop, Lincoln 125+, Victor oxyacetylene, DHC-2000/Henrob, and a lot of ideas. Life is good!

    Typos are there for those that look for them. I try to do something for everybody.


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      Hotfoot... I was waiting for the day that I heard from you lol.. I love your work.. "Secrete admirer" lol... Excellent.. I myself have a passion for work exactly as you do & If you lived closer I’d love to hang out, get a coffee, & just shoot the ****... If possible, I would like to keep in contact with you, I would like to attempt some of the work you've done as practice for my own if you wouldn’t mind, reason being is because this way, I would have guidance there when needed, Tec support in a way Ha.. & I know a lot of people have admired your work but once I seen that I was like "That’s Just My Style" ... Yea others work is excellent as well, Look at “Weldress” work.. WOW How wouldn’t anyone in the world not want to be able to do that... (I do have questions about her work, would like to know what metal she uses to weld with & where a good supplier is of that special metal she uses is, etc) But.. cars are more my thing than animals lol.. I mean There's plenty of room for all God's creatures, Right next to the mashed potatoes, but. .. & Better yet, I have something I think you'd like , It’s a kitchen item from pizza hut (have General & store managers in the family) Its only about 5-8x larger than that SS grill you had.. & it's been sitting outside here for about 5 months, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with it, now I know.. & to be honest. Looking at peoples metal art/work really inspires me, It actually made me remember when I used to art in school & from 1st thru 12th grade I took art class, & many of my items even in 1st & 2nd grade all thru 12th would win 1st-3rd place in art competitions.. So it made me realize, "I used to be good at & love art.. why wouldn’t it be the same now" right.. I just never done anything since.. & I remember my art instructor in JH/HS was an artist & did metal work & had it displayed in different places/etc.. & when I graduated he gave me his card, wanted me to keep contact with him & I never even mentioned anything of the sort, he just did that on his own.. even though we but heads often.. But once I finished HS I went on with life & never looked back, NEVER once thought about doing anything or trying anything, never thought there would be a point in it esp. being too busy & hardly having time any more for friends or to go out all I’ve done was work work work... But.. if I could work with metal, weld, & have it pertain to cars.. I really think I would love to do that.. What I thought about a while back was If there was someone near, in Michigan.. that did something of the sort, metal art.. I would really like to go in my free time & work on stuff, gain knowledge & experience, & just do stuff like that with them.. Anyways I really don’t see that ever happening.. But ya never know..

      Is there a place online where local artists, hobbyist, etc gather/talk/show off their work, etc? A forum or web site of some sort?


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        Well, that long stainless device is certainly another car waiting to be made! Just scrounge up some wheels (I like those "doughnut spares", and have managed to find five so far for $3.00 each...I won't pay the $20.00 some folks ask for them - used four of them on another little car I made, now looking for three more). Finding junk, and a way to incorporate into the pieces it is half the that broiler pan grill on my SS Roadster here.

        Here's the one I used the Doughnut Spares on (note the pot&pan lid "hubcaps"). This was '47 Chevy hood and a wheelbarrow...

        "Good Enough Never Is"


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          Very cool... I have to see if i can get some more old car scrap & I'll put it together, I know **** well I have a TON in the back shed thats been growing for the last ... 20 years? I knew i was throwing weird junk back there for some reason, i have OLD shoe maker tools that are about a hundred yrs old, old wood stove parts from the old old style basement octopus styles from 100 yrs back.. all the way to crates of parts from a 55 Chev that was torn apart 20 yrs ago or so & has been there since, car is long gone & i have all the SS trim from it, some bent.. alot of engine/trim/etc parts thats gotten buried back there.. literally, in the dirt then i noticed they were back there last yr & scrounged thru the dust like dry powered dirt trying to find the stuff... knowing its no good but wanting it for something ( I actually hope its there still, one of my family membs actually scrapped some items not to long ago without me knowing & i hope they didn't go back there) .. I used to have some old trans-am hoods/etc back there but haven't seen em in yrs so... idk? .. motor parts on shelves/etc... Ya this shed is for the old junk ha.. The shed is a piece of history/art itself.. Its over 100 yrs old, It was an original shed from the Flint, Bishop airport.. Since then its grown in very bad shape being wood.. slats damaged/etc.. it even had an old wood slat roof with the entire roof covered in moss/fungus... (some yrs back we jacked it up outa the ground cuz it was sinking from being there for so many yrs.. set it up on blocks & covered the entire thing with metal pole barn siding material) .. just to salvage it instead of tearing it down.. it was starting to grow to many holes in the roof & sides/etc... Wish i would have taken some nice pictures of it before it was covered.. esp with the fungus covered roof (actually had a wildlife expert check out what the fungus was about 15 yrs back.. he said he was amazed.. said that stuff is only supposed to grow in the Tundra, was an old guy, said he's never seen nor heard of it growing in these areas, whether because of the population or just the weather, idk.. but i guess being on the wood roof for 100+ years it was able to multiply & cover it, looked like 1" whiteish hard grass with a trumpet shape, felt dead but wasnt, vry dry & hardy type of fungus... to bad its covered up for yrs with that metal sheet now.. That entire shed is a piece of the local history, to bad it cant be salvaged.. or atleast used by someone who works with those materials to make some sort of art & could be displayed at the airport.. altho its pretty modern large place these days, idk they'd have any interest..

          Another tangent i guess... But hey HotRod your stuff is outa this world.. & u know, how i am with cars, collectibles, art, etc.. I dont know if i could even get rid of em if I made cars like u do.. I'd need to keep every one ha.. For example.. I still have ALL my toy hot-wheels/matchbox cars from when i was a kid.. I would even buy/trade for my brothers toys.. trade my toys for their hot-wheels... & i plan on keeping them until i pass em onto my son once he has his own place...

          Think I could see more pictures of your work?


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            I have shown so much of my stuff on this site, I hate to keep of these days I may get my Picasa site up to the point where I can refer you there...but here is one using some of those old cobbler's parts you mentioned...
            "Good Enough Never Is"


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              Thats Cool Hotrod.. I also have a ball of fine hair like springs about the diameter of a finger couple inches long, idk what they came from but they will make an excellent "Fro" one day soon.. & yea the cobblers shoe forms will make great feet on the same piece.. what sucks is i got alot of this type of stuff from a lady that was moving, went to get some old style wood storm windows (which i have like 8?, still haven't decided what to do with them, make great art pieces of some sort) & found out she was moving after talking, & while looking thru some of her junk & admiring it, she asked if i would help her move across state, & in return she'd give me 50 bucks & a bunch of the stuff in her basement.. so i did it.. What sucks is there was a very large collection of the cobbler equipment... But she was a artist as well & she couldn't let it all go so we kind of split it up.. I really wanted the entire thing as a collection/vintage item in itself.. But now that i have some of it I think it will add very nicely to some piece in the future.. I even have the old cast iron vice type piece.. its like a clamp, the shoe forms you have there fit onto it then it has a shaft that screws it down into a "Leather?" base that's able to be blown up .. needless to say the leather pieces are very dry & hard but this piece alone i would think would be of value.. I just dont know anything about them or who would want or be interested in it.. Idk if i'd add that to a sculpture or not... Even tho it would be nice for something i'm sure seeing that its so rare & odd, Once i figure it out ...