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Stainless Roadster Finished

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  • Stainless Roadster Finished

    Its finished! The BBQ grill that became a roadster!

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    Nice! The most I could have done with that grill was burn dead animals. You ROCK!

    Warning: I have been wrong before!

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      Outstanding as always Mr. Hotfoot! Imagination second to none.


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        Ta Da


        You have as always impressed us again!

        Very cool.
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          Outstanding! Your work is always very impressive!
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            Wrap some bratwurst tires around those rims and you're good to go!
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              Hmmm...Brats...YUM!! Now I'm craving some for supper! It looks like its going to get really skinny profile (aka "Rubber Band")tires from its new owner. It lasted 1/2 day on Craigslist.
              "Good Enough Never Is"


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                OK, what was the seat made from, or did I miss that?

                I was thinking someone could spray some inner tubes reddish colored, and then sorta loosely tie them off in sections with some string, then inflate. Voila, bratwurst tires. (Red tubes are available.) That would be a hoot.
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                Ordinarily I'm insane, but I have lucid moments when I'm merely stupid.


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                  The seat is a plastic 'Ortho Backrest" turned upside down and painted silver.
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                    Good job as always!



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                      That is awesome....
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                        Originally posted by Hotfoot View Post
                        The seat is a plastic 'Ortho Backrest" turned upside down and painted silver.
                        The devil is in the details, and Hotfoot is definitely the Devil of that. Amen.
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                        Ordinarily I'm insane, but I have lucid moments when I'm merely stupid.


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                          Way Cool! You must have too much time on your hands!
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                            Nice job. As Edward Bulwer-Lytton said:

                            "Talent does what it can; genius does what it must."
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                              For those who have not followed the build over the past week or so...A rundown on the components...not nearly as many different pieces of "stuff" as I usually get to stick together...

                              In the beginning, it was a gas Grill that had totally used up innards, and the cost of all new burners didn't make it worth I got it for $5.00 at the local thrift store.

                              I used parts of that grill for all body and frame pieces, except for a stove Broiler Pan I bent in my Sheet Metal Brake for the grille, and apiece of Aluminum Diamond Plate that I had lying around for a year or so that became the floor., supporting the plastic "Ortho Backrest" seat.
                              Harley handlebars were bent to make the suspension arms, and a pair of Harley shocks were added. The wheels are all no longer serviceable Harley, the R rear has a Chevy wheelcover (Roadside find) tacked in, because that one was just a rim, with no spokes. the Stainless Bathtub Faucet "Waste gate" covers two large holes that the thermometer used to mount through.

                              I put some 1/4" rod "triangulation" pieces under the hood to support the front end of the car. The rear axle is simply a piece of SS pipe welded to the body.

                              I really didn't need to do much for this one other than some cuts with my Plasma Cutter, and some messy tack welds (pretty thin stuff). It would have been a great project to do with a TIG and the right gas!! It pretty much all started with that grill, which I bent months earlier when I set up my Metal Brake, and kept looking at it hanging in my carport, thinking..."I'll have to make a little car to use that someday"...Now I find I have another broiler pan...Hmmmm

                              I used my regular MIG wire and C25, so the welds will rust if left outdoors, but it may be destined to be a decor item in a biker bar, I understand, so other than occasional beer splashes, it will be all right.

                              Anyone local want some Stainless Scraps for practice or small projects, hit me back, I may be heading near you...otherwise they go to the salvage yard pile at the Thrift Store.
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