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Sliding Driveway gate Advice - First ⏲

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  • Sliding Driveway gate Advice - First ⏲

    Hello everyone!

    I’m hoping to get some advice to get me on the right track. I’m wanting to build a 20ft sliding driveway gate that will sit on a V track with v track wheels attached to the bottom of the gate. There will be a gate guide roller as well. I plan to eventually automate it. I first need to decide between steel and aluminum. I’m guessing steel is cheaper but heavier? You’ll have to excuse my ignorance as I have zero experience with doing any projects with metal. I’m going to pay an experienced welder to weld the frame together for me if I can find one. Any suggestions on type of metal and size? I want the frame to be metal and then attach wood pickets to it. It will be just under 5ft tall (57.5”). Will just the rectangular frame be structurally sound enough? Do I need center supports or cross bracing or anything like that if all the weight will sit on a track? I was also trying to figure out how to attach pickets to it. Will maybe welding some angle bar ( L shape bars) along the horizontal rails be feasible for drilling holes into to attach the pickets so I don’t compromise the frame by drilling holes into it? I was thinking steel square tubing for the frame. Any size recommendations for wall thickness, etc? Thank you so much for your time. Any suggest or ideas greatly appreciated.