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I need a larger Picnic Table

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  • I need a larger Picnic Table

    I have out grown my picnic table build and I need it longer. I have a thread on my rebuild of my old picnic table a few years ago. I could just build another one and use 2 together but it seems like I could save steel if I just extended my current picnic table. Then cut longer make a set for longer table. Maybe I could get by with using 3 cross parts rather than having to build 4 if I build another table. What do you think? Should I enlarge my current table or just build another one?

    I guess I need to see how long of 2x12 boards I can buy? I wonder if 12 feet will be long enough? I will look at it tomorrow. Do they make 14 feet 2x12 boards.

    Here is my old thread
    Picnic Table Rebuild - Weld Talk Message Boards (

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    They do 14 but priced some and 16 was cheaper, go figure.