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  • Shop heater?

    Could use suggestions for heating my garage to work in during the winter.

    I have a 20x24' garage under my house. One wall is cinderblock against the earth (buried); one against the house finished basement, one is cinder block exterior, and of course the roll-up steel door which I"ll insulate. The ceiling is 10' and dry-wall. So about 500sqft or 5000 cu ft.

    It is not filled with junk as we park 2 cars in it 90% of the time. I'd back them out to work, so the space comes and goes with one corner to keep my tools, workbench, the usual. The space stays a just above freezing even on cold days in the teens to single digits with the west wind howling because of the heat loss from the house. I'd like to get it up to around 50F so I can work more in comfort in the winter. I have 240V. Could use bottled propane, but need to figure out how to vent the CO. No room for a wood stove. Any suggestions?

    Thanks as always.

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    240 volt infrared/radiant heater. Quick heat when you need it.
    Stickmate LX AC/DC
    Big cheap (Chinese) Anvil
    Hand cranked coal forge
    Freon bottle propane forge
    HH 210 and bottle of C25