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Upgrade transformer machine or buy new Hitbox AT2000

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  • Upgrade transformer machine or buy new Hitbox AT2000

    Hi Yall,

    I do some lite welding around the house. Like make shelf brackets, tools, fix bicycle kickstands. My current machine is something I picked up off Craigslist in 2006. I have been using the machine since then. Check out these pictures off it. I can get some good penetration with it using Chicago Electric 7014 1/16" but the welds look like crap. I used to have access to a big Lincoln machine and was able to lay a nice bead so I dont think it's me. I used my Craftsman machine last weekend and I said man I need to fix this cable. So looking into it it will cost me $40 to put 10' 12/3 wire on it with a 20amp plug and 20amp receptacle in my garage. Should I do that or drop $100 on the Hitbox AT2000?

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    Think I would throw a few more dollars in the pot and go with top end 120 V MIG...

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      And I would STILL repair that cool old Craftsman.


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	image_40050.jpg
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ID:	708215 This lable explains your Craftsman. More to the point, your poor performance with it. That said, cool machine I'd clean it up and display it proudly. If you pay attention to amperage, while that Craftsman comes in a big box, it only producces 75 amps. That's flat out. Your using 1/16 rods. Holy smokes. We could say it needs a solid 65 to even melt. But doable just the same.

        I bet it sticks like crazy trying to keep an arc alive unless you got a very steady hand. Or short bursts followed buy a stick or extinguish.
        $100 on the Hitbox AT2000 eh? I don't want to spend your I'm not going to give you my approval to go out a buy another Craftsman welder. Buy a 140 amp as Dale mentioned MIG, and experience Flash Gorden stuff.


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          I would agree with the rest get a little 135/140 amp mig. I would keep the old craftsman clean it up maybe even paint it.


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            It looks like it needs 26 amps for top end so you need to use 10 gauge wire with a 30 amp circuit.
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