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Anyone ever build a safe?

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  • Anyone ever build a safe?

    I have a new project in mind (like always) but this one is a serious step toward security. I am moving pretty soon from an apartment to a large house with my brothers and unlike an apartment, you can't just have a safe and bolt it to the ground unless you want to pay carpet repair fees So since i will have the space to work, Ive decided that i want to build one. It will house almost all of my valuables like my ar, cash, birth cert. Im planning on making it large, 4 feet high by 2 feet wide by 2 feet deep. The body will be 1/4 inch and the door will be 1/2 inch plate. I have some 3/4 drill rod I can use for the bolts. The inner will most likely be a drywall glued to the sides for fireproofing. I have already sourced the combination lock and dial. All of this material will still be by far cheaper than a real one at over $2000. my question is has anyone ever built one or is in the business of making them? any tips or suggestions on making it more burglar resistant?
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    Thats a heavy safe make sure the floor is up to the weight. I built them for 10 years. I lost my key and it took me 7 hours to get into mine and i knew how it was made...Bob
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      Your design sounds good. I've built some gun safes for myself and my brother. The weakness is that they (and your's) can be cut with a torch or a cutoff disk on a grinder. My strategy is to prevent the punk burglar that comes unprepared. Someone that knows what he's doing can beat just about any safe. Your's should work good for you.

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        I wouldn't worry about keeping an AR in a safe. They are a dime a dozen.